Glynwood Harvest Award

AWI and some of its colleagues were honored with a Glynwood Harvest Award last October in New York City for "Connecting Communities, Farmers and Food." A prestigious selection committee chose a project conducted by AWI, Wisconsin farmers Bert and Trish Paris and former CEO of a Wisconsin dairy company Tera Johnson. The Parises own and operate a 90-cow dairy farm using rotational grazing practices (See AWI Quarterly, Fall 2003).

Typically, male dairy calves are removed from their mothers and hauled to an action where they are sold only a few days after birth. Some are slaughtered; others spend four months confined in crates before they are sold as "white veal." Although the bull calves in the joint project will also be slaughtered for veal, there are two significant differences from typical veal production methods. The Parises' calves will remain on the dairy farm where they are born, and they will benefit from an enriched life spent on grass pasture.

Glynwood Chairman Dr. Henry A. Jordan and President Judith LaBelle presented the award, describing the project as an "inspiring example of...creativity and cooperation." The Glynwood Center is based in Cold Spring, New York; its agricultural initiative helps sustain small and midsize farmers whose work generates public benefits. Learn more at

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