Winter 2005

Winter 2005 AWi Quarterly Cover - Photo by AWI’s Jen Rinick
About the Cover

Wooly and Daisy, good friends at the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Poolesville, Md., are just two of many rescued animals on the 400-acre refuge. Both sheep narrowly escaped a sad future—Wooly was a petting zoo reject and Daisy was part of a festival on the streets of Philadelphia—but now happily spend their days grazing on grass and munching hay. Once emaciated and unkempt, the sheep have become healthy and attractive through proper love and care. All animals deserve to enjoy their lives, but not all animals are as lucky as Wooly and Daisy (photo by AWI’s Jen Rinick).

10 billion animals, including sheep, are farmed in the United States annually. AWI works diligently to improve the welfare of these animals and others around the world. The Institute informs the public concerning the cruelty of factory farming and advocates humane alternatives. In this issue, you will read about AWI’s husbandry standards for cattle and sheep, which sharply contrast to the ill treatment these sentient beings receive on factory farms. (See story, page 6).

Photo by AWI’s Jen Rinick