AWI Launches Anti Dolphin Swim-with Brochures

Several years ago, Ben White of AWI co-founded the cetacean freedom network, an email-based assembly of captivity-conscious individuals and groups.

Last year the group acknowledged the increasing popularity of dolphin swim-with programs among dolphin lovers who are unaware of the story behind the fun. In response, AWI has produced what has proved to be an immensely popular brochure entitled "Dolphins are dying to amuse you" which relates the truth behind many of the dolphin swim-with programs that are springing up, particularly in the Caribbean and Central America.

Our colleague, Pricilla Cubero Pardo, of the Costa Rican group Fundación Promar, provided a Spanish translation for the brochure and Isabelle Fenoll from the Netherlands Antilles provided the French translation.  If you know someone who is planning a dolphin swim-with vacation, please contact us and we will send you one.  We are certain that those with a real love for dolphins would rather leave them be, than contribute to this industry.

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