Summer 2005

Summer 2005 AWI Quarterly Cover - Photo by Daniel J. Cox
About the Cover

The Toklat wolves of Alaska’s Denali National Park are among the most-studied and well-known animals around the world (photo by Daniel J. Cox). Unfortunately, they have endured horrific tragedies in recent months, with the deaths of several pack members due to trapping and hunting occurring in close proximity. These beautiful creatures deserve a safe haven (see story, page 7). The Society for Animal Protective Legislation has fought for improved laws for wolves and other animals in the wild since it was formed half a century ago. Banning steel-jaw leghold traps and lobbying for protection of species threatened with extinction are two of the Society’s main efforts. In the last issue, the Animal Welfare Institute reported on the problem of aerial or land-and-shoot hunting of wolves, as well as the threat to animals from potential drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (AWI Quarterly, Spring 2005). We hope Alaska’s wolves will receive needed security before it is too late, as they are much maligned and endangered in the rest of the United States.

Photo by Daniel J. Cox