Game Management or Just a Game?

The use of aircraft to hunt wildlife is illegal in most places, but not in Alaska. Hunters can legally fly planes across the sky and gun down wolves in the snow below them using a practice called aerial hunting. Not only is it lawful to shoot wolves from the air, but aerial gunning teams in Alaska also fly close to the ground in planes and chase wolves to exhaustion before landing and shooting them at point blank range. The latter practice is known as land-and-shoot hunting.

Alaskan residents passed ballot initiatives in 1996 and 2000 to ban aerial gunning and land-and-shoot hunting, but Alaska Gov. Frank Murkowski reinstated the legality of these savage practices in 2003. Hunting enthusiasts contend that using aircraft to hunt down wolves is a necessary form of predator control to maintain the moose and caribou populations in Alaska for game hunters, but several biologists say the data being used to justify wolf hunting is not based on sound science.

This year's current death toll from Alaska's aerial wolf killing program exceeds 200, and hundreds more are expected to die before this summer. The killing will not stop without your help, for it is obviously not enough that the Alaskan people have already shown their strong opposition to this cruelty.

Please contact Governor Frank Murkowski and urge him to put an end to these practices; let him know that as long they remain legal in Alaska, you will not be spending your tourist dollars there. Write him at:

Governor Frank Murkowski
P.O. Box 110001, Juneau, AK 99811
fax: 907-465-3532

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