Bo Derek Fights Horse Slaughter

Film and television star, Bo Derek was recently on Capitol Hill in support of legislation to stop the slaughter of horses. Bo told legislators and the media, "Tens of thousands of horses are cruelly slaughtered in this country every year, just so someone in Europe can have a fancy dinner. It's just plan wrong. Americans don't raise horses for food, and we don't eat them. I want to help end this horrid practice." A long time horse lover, Bo lives on a ranch in California with several of her own Iberian horses and German Shepherds. She volunteered to help the National Horse Protection Coalition (of which we are a member) in its effort to have Congress pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (AHSPA). During her two day visit to Washington, DC she participated in meetings with legislators, staff and press.

The House bill, HR 857, currently has over 190 bipartisan cosponsors. The Senate version of the AHSPA will soon be introduced by Nevada Republican, Senator John Ensign, one of two veterinarians who serve in the US Congress. To stay up to date on the AHSPA and other legislative issues or to sign up to receive email action alerts, please visit the Society for Animal Protective Legislation website