Petitions Document Hog Factory Horrors

Investigations into agribusiness cruelty, led by Gail Eisnitz, Humane Farming Association (HFA), have culminated in the filing of petitions with the Attorneys General of South Dakota and Nebraska. Generally, both complaints document failures to provide food, water, adequate shelter and veterinary care for pigs of all ages as well as deficient sanitation and ventilation, and an insufficient number of employees at "Sun Prairie" in South Dakota and "HKY, Inc." in Nebraska.

The specifics, however, are far more horrific. The petitions delineate horrendous mistreatment of animals and apparent violations of animal cruelty laws. In a taped interview, a Sun Prairie worker states: "I saw [the supervisor] hitting a lot of pigs…with a hammer…I saw him a lot of times use a long…steel rebar type of rod…He would use that to hit them behind the head, especially the large pigs. And these pigs would not die after the first hit and they would be kicking…trying to move and run and you could hear them squealing. Then he hit them again…until they finally don't move anymore."

The petitions provide a glimpse into the lives of millions of pigs bred and raised for meat and request that each Attorney General initiate an independent investigation and prosecute violations of state anti-cruelty law. While most states have anti-cruelty laws, many include exemptions to "accepted" or "common" farming practices, but even in states where exemptions do not exist, it is extremely hard to prosecute violators. Infuriatingly, Attorney General Long of South Dakota ignored the incontrovertible evidence presented by HFA and instead defended Sun Prairie.

HFA is doggedly pursuing legal action against both hog factories. Each petition is available at cost price of $8.00, email wendy @ or call 703-836-4300.

To download a copy from the Humane Farming Association click on the links below:

  • Petition for Enforcement of Nebraska Animal Cruelty Statutes at HKY, Inc. Hog Operation - Wausa, Knox County, Nebraska -
  • Petition for Enforcement of South Dakota Animal Cruelty Laws at Sun Prairie Confinement Hog Factory - Rosebud Sioux Reservation -


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