Case Against Dog Dealer is Expanded

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) added more charges of Animal Welfare Act violations to its complaint against licensed random source Class B dealer C.C. Baird and his family in Arkansas. Despite damning evidence and a lengthy list of apparent violations, Baird continues selling dogs and cats for experimentation.

The amended complaint, filed in July, notes the Bairds' "lack of humane care to animals has resulted in animal deaths." The dog on the cover of the Fall 2003 Quarterly is mentioned: "A 5-year old male black and tan coonhound, known as 'Buck,' was found to have been suffering from advanced, untreated dirofilaria immitis (canine heartworm), a parasitic infection that caused Buck's death in April 2004. Dirofilaria immitis can be effectively prevented…." Baird is also cited for acquiring a dog from an illegal source; the animal was sold to a laboratory and then discovered to be someone's pet. More dogs were added to the slew of animals acquired without proper documentation; apparently Baird illegally obtained about 50 dogs from Mike 'Slick' Pittman, an unlicensed dealer, in 2002 and 2003. Facilities' deficiencies included excessive rust, filth, and inadequate ventilation and sanitization.

One former client, Mississippi State University (MSU), is cooperating with USDA regarding apparent violations by Baird in 2003. Dogs in need of veterinary care (including a bite wound and pneumonia) were brought to MSU. Others were delivered without identification and 23 dogs were transported in cages that were too small, lacking sufficient ventilation. MSU stated for the record, "It is now a practice that we do not purchase dogs or cats from random source dealers."

A recent inspection found Baird failed to establish an adequate veterinary care program including negligent oversight of staff who performed medical procedures such as administration of anesthesia. Baird's program stated dogs could be killed by: "point blank 22 cal bullet into brains."

We hope Baird will soon relinquish his dogs and cats; should that happen, homes will be needed. If you are able to adopt an animal, please let us know.

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