Winter 2003

Winter 2003 AWI Quarterly Cover - Christine Stevens, Photo taken by Esther Bubley
About the Cover

This photograph of Christine Stevens was taken at one of the dog cages at the (then) new $100,000 shelter of the Humane Society of Washtenaw County, Michigan, shortly after the Animal Welfare Institute's (AWI) founding in New York City in 1951. Mrs. Stevens wrote in the inaugural AWI Information Report, published December 1951, "The Animal Welfare Institute has been established by a group of persons interested in the humane treatment of all animals. It is particularly interested at present in the welfare of animals used in laboratories. This is one aspect of humane work that has received little practical attention in the United States." Mrs. Stevens persevered as AWI's president for over 50 years, expanding the Institute's work and serving selflessly without financial reward. She was so modest that she refused to allow this photograph to be used on the cover of our 50th Anniversary issue-insisting on a depiction of her with someone else.

Photo taken by Esther Bubley