Fall 2003

Fall 2003 AWI Quarterly Cover - Buck
About the Cover
Buck is one of more than 100 dogs seized from the premises of random source animal dealer C.C. Baird. Buck, emaciated and suffering from heartworms and ehrlichia, was taken in by the Doberman Rescue Group of Oklahoma. After receiving much-needed medical attention and time to recuperate, Buck and another hound, Max, will be available for adoption. All of the animals seized, who have no doubt been through a nightmarish situation, will eventually be placed in new, loving homes. The case against Baird is ongoing, and indictments have not been issued yet. We hope that 1) USDA will revoke Baird’s license to do business as a dealer selling animals for experimentation, 2) the U.S. government will gain custody of the more than 600 dogs that reportedly remain at Baird’s Martin Creek Kennel in Williford, Arkansas, and 3) the U.S. Department of Justice will vigorously pursue a case against Baird, prosecuting him for his crimes against the animals to the fullest extent allowed by law (see story pages 10-11).