Winter 2001

Winter 2001 AWi Quarterly Cover - Photo by Mark Thomas
About the Cover

While winding through the forested area of Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya, photographer Mark Thomas rounded a corner to see just the heads and necks of two young Rothschild's Giraffes poking up above the bushes while they rested. Thomas writes: "After a while one of the young giraffes decided to stretch his legs a bit and go visit his mother. But before leaving, the giraffe walked over to give a young friend a gentle greeting as if to say 'are you coming with me?'" Although the giraffe, the tallest mammal on earth, is not globally threatened with extinction, it is among the species of wildlife being systematically destroyed during the current political unrest in the African nation of Zimbabwe (see story on page 11).

Photo by Mark Thomas


Marine Animals

Clinton Decides Against Sanctions

Norway Announces Plan to Sell Whale Meat and Blubber to Japan

How Old Can a Whale Live to Be?

Don't Order the "Sea Bass"

Farm Animals

The Water Keeper Alliance Institutes Legal Attack on Pig Factories

National Gathering Calls for Humane, Sustainable Hog Farming

The Kingdom of the Pigs
by Vangelis Stoyannis

European Commission Proposes Improvements in Welfare Conditions of Pigs

Mother Nature Exposes the Cruelty Inside Factory Farms
by Wendy Swann

Wildlife and Forests

Biomusic's Contribution to Science

The Elephant Listening Project
by Melissa Groo

Animals Caught in Zimbabwe's Anarchical Land Grab
by Adam M. Roberts

Fight to Save Orangutans Intensifies
by Dave Currey

Chinese Government Pardons 500 Bears

Reports Highlight Cruelty and Illegality

Bronx Reptiles, Inc. Slithers Through the Law's Grasp

New Policy Against Cutting of Old Growth Timber

Laboratory Animals

Coulston Rejected but the Death Toll Rises

Monkeys Suffer in Solitary Confinement at Oregon Primate Center

All Laboratory Animals Deserve Protection

Rattling the Cage: Toward Legal Rights for Animals


Washington Bans Steel-Jaw Leghold Traps by Citizen Initiative

In Remembrance of Congressman Bruce Vento (1940-2000)

Flourishing Finish to the 106th Congress