AWI Offers Educational Brochures

The Animal Welfare Institute is pleased to announce the availability of three fact-filled color leaflets on Endangered Species, Humane Education and Whales & Dolphins. Each of the brochures includes a section on how "you can make a difference." Production of the brochures and distribution of them at the annual meeting of the National Association of Biology Teachers was made possible thanks to a grant from The Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust, a KeyBank Trust. Single copies are available free with a stamped, self-addressed envelope, each additional copy is 5 cents.

New Edition of Environmental Enrichment for Caged Rhesus Macaques

This collection of 108 annotated photos speaks of the authors' concerns to the traditional, as well as legally and ethically unacceptable, ways in which macaques are housed and handled in research laboratories and of their success in developing and implementing simple, inexpensive and effective refinement alternatives. The goal of this book is to "inspire animal care personnel, scientists, veterinarians, and colony managers to allow themselves to feel compassion for the animals in their charge and to have the courage to translate these feelings into action, for the well-being of the animals and for their own happiness." AWI offers single copies to individuals at research facilities, all others $2.

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