Spring 2001

Spring 2001 AWI Quarterly Cover - Photo by Daniel J. Cox
About the Cover

About the Cover
Polar bears are jeopardized by poaching and environmental contaminations such as toxic oil spills. They may suffer irreparably from melting polar ice caps triggered by global warming. Along with numerous other species, they could be in trouble in Alaska specifically if the Bush Administration and some Members of Congress succeed in opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. Grizzly bears are similarly at risk from habitat loss, collapsing salmon stocks, and poaching for their body parts. In British Columbia, Canada, an absence of reliable grizzly population data led the Environmental Investigation Agency to wage a successful campaign against over-hunting there, persuading the Canadian Province's Premier to institute a three-year moratorium on grizzly hunting. (See stories on pages 10-11).

Photographed by Daniel J. Cox/naturalexposures.com

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