Anti-Logging Conviction

Rodolfo Montiel has been jailed for two years for blockading logging trucks in the Mexican state of Guerrero, according to an article by Tim Weiner in the July/August issue of Mother Jones. The conviction, upheld in October, "came despite findings by the Mexican government's National Human Rights Commission that they had been falsely arrested and tortured." Mexican President Vicente Fox sent the Environmental Minister to meet Montiel in prison. His case continues to be appealed in the Mexican courts. Weiner concludes his article with a quotation from Rodolfo Montiel, who now sees himself as part of a broader struggle: "'Wherever we are, we breathe the air, we need to drink water. Fighting for the forests is fighting for the right to live.'" (Note: For more about Montiel, see AWI Quarterly, Vol. 49, No. 3. Tim Weiner is a reporter for The New York Times in Mexico City.)

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