$10,000 Reward for Stolen Labrador Retriever

My name is Dewayne Eubanks. I am no animal rights activist—I am a neurosurgeon, an avid hunter, conservationist, dog lover, horseman and all-around country boy. I was brought up to believe in caring for the animals that we own and I love my 4 year old black Lab, Rebel, second only to my kids. He was stolen from my home on December 18, 1999. I have solid information that he was taken by (or for) a nearby "buncher" who sells dogs to research facilities.

Rebel is a 70 pound male, has a tattoo on inner thigh (but it is extremely hard to see), and a Home Again Microchip implanted. He had cut his left rear leg (inside "knee") about two weeks before being stolen and had two staples in place when he was taken.

He was taken from my home on County Road 464 in Jonesboro, AR. The thieves are believed to have been in an older car, dilapidated, and probably 2 men. They were seen in an old, grayish midsize car working this area again a few days later.

I would appreciate it if you could keep your eyes open for my friend. I will pay $3,000 dollars for his safe return, no questions asked. I will pay $7,000 more for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the thieves and others involved in the conspiracy.

As a neurosurgeon, I support animal research for worthwhile purposes when the data cannot be acquired any other way and when the animals are properly procured and properly cared for— but NOT WHEN THEY ARE OUR PETS THAT HAVE BEEN STOLEN.

Thank You, K. Dewayne Eubanks, M.D.

— Excerpted from a letter posted on the internet

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