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Summer 2003 AWI Quarterly Cover
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Katy Payne, who initiated the study of infrasound elephant communication, photographed this mother and infant elephant. Katy is profoundly committed to the protection of elephants as individuals, and she suffers with them when they are culled or poached for their ivory. She is conducting her studies now in the Central African Republic. Her book," Silent Thunder — In the Presence of Elephants," which was reviewed in the Spring 2000 AWI Quarterly, concludes sorrowfully. After Katy and five colleagues returned to the U.S., a cull by the Zimbabwe Parks Department killed many of the elephants whose voices she had recorded and grown to know.



Political "Spin" and Wildlife Conservation,
by Adam M. Roberts

China 's Torture Chambers,
 by Jonathan Owen 

Wildlife Conservation Heroes,
by Adam M. Roberts

In Remembrance of Nick Carter,
by Rosalind Reeve

"Report: Japan is Top Importer of Endangered Species"

Marine Mammals

Judge Strikes Down Phony "Dolphin-Safe" Label

U.S. Navy Kills Whales In The Bahamas,
by Ben White

Elephant Seals Hot Iron Branded

Wildlife and Environmental destruction

The Environment Comes Second

A Fur Promotion Frenzy

"The Voice of the Turtle is Heard in Our Land,"
By Ben White

World Bank vs. Tigers in India,
by Bittu Sahgal and Daphne Wysham

Mexican Ecological Group Blockades Logging Road to Save Forest 

Animals in Laboratories

A Power Struggle on Capitol Hill Over Chimpanzees' Future,
by Adam M. Roberts

Animal Dealers

Animal Dealers Arrested and Convicted

Canadian Bear Parts Traders Jailed

Another Dealer is Exposed for Illegally

Acquiring Dogs for Experimentation

$10,000 Reward for Stolen Labrador Retriever

Farm Animals

The Farm Bureau Prediction on China

rBGH Reconsidered,
by Chris Bedford

Two AWI Missions to Central Europe,
by Tom Garrett

Join the Fight to End Abuse of Laying Hens


BioMusic: The Music of Nature and the Nature of Music 

Music of the Birds, A Celebration of Bird Song.