Urge Michigan to Oppose Legislation to Evade Animal Welfare Laws


None needed at this time.


Fortunately the bill did not pass before the end of the legislative session.


Urge Michigan to Oppose Extension of Extreme Confinement of Farm Animals - Photo from Farm SanctuaryDear Humanitarian,

In 2009, Michigan became the first state to enact a bill mandating a phase-out of the use of crates for pregnant pigs, crates for calves raised for veal, and battery cages for egg-laying hens. Sadly, some in the industry are trying to circumvent the law and we need your help to stop them!

Last week a bill passed the Michigan House of Representatives that would create a livestock care standards board responsible for crafting all animal husbandry standards in the state. The bill requires the board to write standards by 2019, but once the board writes those standards, the bill automatically repeals the current law that prohibits extreme confinement of farm animals. In other words, producers would be able to continue confining hens in battery cages, and pregnant pigs in gestation crates, unless the board prohibits them. They would also be allowed to resume using crates for calves raised for veal.

The bill does not require that an animal welfare expert sit as a member of the board or that animal welfare be taken into account when the board writes standards. Rather, the board would likely be dominated by industry representatives who will not be responsive to animal welfare concerns. It is therefore unlikely that the livestock board would replace the current law with similar or higher animal welfare standards.

Please contact your state senator to let them know that animals deserve better and that you will not stand for this!

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