Support Long-Term Protection for Red Wolves in North Carolina


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AWI and allies continue to work to ensure that red wolves are protected from night hunting.


Support Long-Term Protection for Red Wolves in North Carolina - Photo from flickr Once and Future LauraDear Humanitarian,

Last November, after winning an injunction against both day and night hunting of coyotes in the five-county Red Wolf Recovery Area in North Carolina, AWI, Defenders of Wildlife, and the Red Wolf Coalition signed a settlement agreement with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) that outlined significant steps to ensure long-term protection for the wolves. One of those steps involves the NCWRC proposing to ban coyote hunting at night throughout the recovery area and during the day on public lands, except in limited circumstances. The NCWRC is also proposing to (1) require permits to kill coyotes on private lands, (2) require reporting of all coyotes killed, (3) prohibit coyote contest hunts throughout the recovery area, and (4) place the red wolf on the state protected species list. Overall, the agreement and the NCWRC's proposed rules aim to decrease threats posed by indiscriminate coyote hunting, while also addressing the concerns of local private landowners and state and federal agencies that are in charge of red wolf recovery. You can review the proposed language by clicking here.

The NCWRC will also hold hearings to collect public input on the future of red wolf protection efforts and on rules regarding conditional coyote hunting in the recovery area where the red wolves live.

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