Support Bill to Strengthen Ohio Cruelty Law


None needed at this time.


In December 2016 the governor signed a bill outlawing bestiality. 


Dear Ohio Humanitarian,

You will recall that we contacted you back in October about a forthcoming hearing in the Ohio State Senate Criminal Justice Committee on SB 195, a bill to prohibit and punish bestiality as a separate crime under Ohio's animal cruelty law.

There have been FOUR hearings on this bill! It is time to move the bill out of the committee to the floor for a vote! Animal sexual assault is illegal in most countries and most US states. Ohio is one of only 10 remaining states that do not have a specific ban against this behavior. Please ask your senator to support this important effort to strengthen the law against violent offenders.

Some contend that bestiality is not a "violent" crime. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only is bestiality abhorrent and cruel, but it also often results in serious injury to or the death of the animal. Moreover, there is a strong relationship to interpersonal violence, including sexual assault of people:

  • Juveniles who sexually assault animals are more likely to later commit crimes of interpersonal violence; it is, in fact, the single strongest risk factor for future sexual abuse of children.
  • Among juveniles who had reported engaging in animal sexual assault, 95% had also sexually assaulted people.
  • In one jurisdiction in Virginia, of ten adult males convicted of crimes related to bestiality, eight had also been involved in crimes involving children (e.g., child pornography, soliciting sex from a minor).

Animal sexual assault is not the rare, isolated perversion people prefer to think it is. The explosion of the Internet both facilitates this crime and allows it to flourish by allowing and encouraging perpetrators to communicate with and seek out one another, find animals for sexual purposes, and share their encounters. 

Passage of SB 195 would greatly enhance Ohio's ability to protect both animals and its communities—especially our children—from sexually violent offenders.

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