Protest Peru's Dolphin and Shark Slaughter


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On October 31, 2016, Peru's Ministry of Production passed a regulation banning the practice of shark finning by Peruvian fishing vessels.  In addition, the new rules banned the possession and use of harpoons to kill dolphins for use as bait in shark fisheries.


AWI eAlert: Protest Peru's Dolphin and Shark Slaughter - Photo S Austermuuhle Mundo AzulDear Humanitarian,

Although dolphins are protected on paper by Peruvian law, thousands of dolphins are killed by fishermen each year in Peruvian waters, hunted with harpoons and butchered on board. Some of these social and intelligent creatures are eaten in coastal towns, but the majority end up as bait in shark fisheries.

This cruel practice is harming both the dolphins and the sharks. Research reveals that the proportion of undersized sharks landed is nine times more than permitted, suggesting that the population is seriously overfished.

Peruvian law has forbidden the intentional injuring, hunting or consumption of dolphins since 1996—but enforcement is poor. Fishermen deny they are killing dolphins and dispose of the evidence on board, long before they come to shore.

One simple step to improve enforcement would be a nationwide ban on the use of harpoons, which are only used by dolphin hunters.

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