North Carolina: Say No to Ag-Gag Legislation


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Thank you for your interest in stopping ag-gag legislation in North Carolina. We are happy to announce that Governor McCrory vetoed HB 405, a dangerous ag-gag bill that would have criminalized investigations at factory farms and other business establishments.


North Carolina: Say No to Ag-Gag Legislation - Photo by Marji BeachDear North Carolina Humanitarian,

Activists like you have worked hard to keep anti-whistleblower (or "ag-gag") laws out of North Carolina. These laws attempt to criminalize investigations of farm animal abuse. Undercover investigations, often executed by employees, are an important tool used to protect animals and expose wrongdoers; not only do they help ensure animals are treated properly, they also work to safeguard a healthy food system and proper treatment of workers in factory farms.

A bill, SB 433, has been introduced in the North Carolina legislature that would criminalize concealing an affiliation with animal protection, worker, or food safety groups when applying for a job at a factory farm.

Please urge the North Carolina legislature to oppose this dangerous bill. The legislature should not facilitate industrial operations covering-up abuse, rather it should be advocating for animals, workers, and family farmers who don't cut corners when it comes to animal welfare.

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