New Jersey: Help Make "Humane" Labels Truthful


Thank you for your interest in truthful “humane” labeling. This action is closed, but you can still urge the USDA to better regulate label claims by taking action here.

New Jersey: Help Make Humane Labels TruthfulDear New Jersey Humanitarian,

You recently received an action alert from the Animal Welfare Institute informing you about how the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) does not properly regulate animal welfare and environmental stewardship label claims on meat and poultry packages. AWI discovered that USDA allows meat and poultry companies to use animal welfare and sustainability label claims, like "humanely raised" and "sustainably farmed," on their products with little or no evidence to support the claims. You can learn more by reading our report, Label Confusion.

To help USDA improve its label approval process, AWI submitted a rulemaking petition, requesting that USDA require independent third-party certification of humane and sustainable label claims. And we need your help to keep the pressure on to ensure that the petition is granted.

Consumers, farmers and USDA will benefit if AWI's petition is granted. Consumers will gain greater understanding and assurance concerning what animal welfare and environmental stewardship label claims mean, and farmers who raise animals to higher welfare and environmental standards will be able to receive just compensation for their efforts. Additionally, the petition will help USDA perform its oversight function more efficiently because label claims will have meaningful, verifiable standards behind them.

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