Tell New Jersey Legislators Not to Increase Beaver Trapping

Photo from Flickr by Sean O'neil

Dear Humanitarian,

The New Jersey General Assembly may soon vote on a bill (A2731) that would remove statutory limitations on the number of beaver trapping permits the Division of Fish and Wildlife can issue. If passed by the Assembly, it would next go to the Senate. If this bill were to become law, it would needlessly increase beaver trapping and suffering—a particularly cruel outcome, as most trapped beavers die a slow death by drowning.

Beavers were once almost driven to extinction due to trapping for the fur trade. Their return has provided significant benefits: By creating reservoirs, beaver dams provide habitat for sensitive species, improve water quality, increase biodiversity, and benefit waterfowl and other migratory birds.

It is not necessary to trap beavers to address beaver-human conflicts. Conflict incidents, including damage to trees and any flooding concerns caused by beaver dams, can be effectively resolved using humane, nonlethal techniques.

What You Can Do

Please call or write your state assembly members and senator today and urge them to oppose A2731. To identify your legislators and their contact information, click here (once you click on the link, enter your address and click “Go” to find your state legislators). When you call, you can say: "I am a constituent, and I'm calling to ask you to oppose A2731 because it would remove existing limits on beaver trapping and increase animal cruelty."

After making your phone calls, please take the additional step of sending a follow-up email message to your state legislators.


Tara Zuardo
Wildlife Attorney

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