Spending Bill on House Floor Today Is Bad News for Wildlife! Tell Your Representative to Side with Endangered Species When Voting


None needed at this time.


Unfortunately, three of five bad amendments were approved by voice vote on Thursday September 7. A fourth—Representative Don Young’s amendment reopening barbaric hunting practices on national wildlife refuges in Alaska—was approved by a vote of 215-196. (You can see how your representative voted by clicking here.) No amendments strengthening the Endangered Species Act were voted upon.

Photo from Flickr by USFWS Mountain Prarie

Dear Humanitarian,

The US House of Representatives is working on a massive spending package (a so-called “minibus”) to continue funding government agencies. Of the many amendments proposed to the Interior section (Division A), a number include policies that would have a major impact on wildlife.

Many of them attack the Endangered Species Act (ESA), including proposals to

  • Delist any plant or animal that has not undergone a status review at least once every five years;
  • Direct $4 million toward delisting efforts and away from protection efforts;
  • Undo a rule that prohibited particularly cruel and unsporting methods of killing grizzly bears, wolves, and other predators on national wildlife refuges in Alaska; and
  • Delist the threatened Preble’s meadow jumping mouse.

On a positive note, Rep. Vern Buchanan’s (R-FL) amendment to restore over $3 million to the US Fish and Wildlife Service for the purpose of listing imperiled species under the ESA will come up for a vote on the House floor. 

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