Help Stop the Attack on Farm Animal Protection Laws

Photo by Mike Suarez

Dear Humanitarian,

Congress must pass a Farm Bill this year to reauthorize a variety of programs on which the agriculture sector heavily depends. The House of Representatives and Senate have passed their respective versions of the bill and are currently in negotiations to create a final piece of legislation. As in the past, we are working to include provisions that strengthen animal welfare and exclude measures that would weaken protections for animals.

AWI strongly opposes sections 11701 and 11702 of the House Farm Bill, which were included in the House bill at the behest of Rep. Steve King (R-IA). These sections are so unpopular that a bipartisan group of 119 representatives and 32 senators wrote to congressional leadership opposing the inclusion of the “King amendment” in a final Farm Bill.

The King amendment jeopardizes advancements that have been made in many states for animal protection. It would limit states’ authority to set standards for farm animal welfare within their own borders while nullifying laws that have been passed in certain states to better protect animals from cruelty. It would, for instance, invalidate California’s laws prohibiting the sale of eggs from hens kept in extremely small, crowded battery cages. It would also interfere with state restrictions on gestation crates for pigs, tail-docking of cattle, horse slaughter, puppy mills, and shark finning.

What You Can Do

Ask your legislators to oppose the inclusion of the King amendment in the Farm Bill conference report.

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Cathy Liss

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Photo by Mike Suarez