Ask Congress to Outlaw Heinous Acts of Animal Cruelty

Photo by sualk61
Photo by sualk61

Dear Humanitarian,

The US House of Representatives unanimously passed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act! The Senate must now do the same. Please let your senators know that you support this legislation.

In so-called "crush videos," individuals viciously torture, mutilate, and kill small animals to satisfy the bizarre fetishes of viewers. Although there is a federal law prohibiting the creation and distribution of such videos, it does not cover the underlying acts of animal abuse. Often, it is not possible to identify from the video alone where the act took place--thus rendering it out of reach of state laws that might otherwise punish the perpetrators. The PACT Act would eliminate this problem by extending federal jurisdiction to these particularly heinous acts.

Preventing and punishing such cruelty is critical to ensuring both animal welfare and human safety. More and more, the law enforcement and legal communities recognize that animal cruelty is a serious crime in and of itself, and is closely linked with other violent crimes, especially domestic abuse. By providing law enforcement and the criminal justice system with another tool for responding to the unspeakable acts of animal cruelty, the PACT Act would protect our communities from many types of violence.

What You Can Do

Please urge your senators to cosponsor this bill if they have not already done. You can contact your legislators via AWI's Compassion Index website. 

Be sure to share our alert with family, friends, and co-workers and encourage them to write, too! As always, thank you for taking action on behalf of the animals.


Cathy Liss

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