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Alternative Traps Cover Alternative Traps: The Role of Cage and Box Traps in Modern Trapping, The Role of Legsnares in Modern Trapping, and The Role of Spring Powered Killing Traps in Modern Trapping

Review of alternatives to steel-jaw leghold traps and their animal welfare implications; by Tom Garrett (revised edition, 1999), 51 pages.

America's Last Wild Horses Cover America's Last Wild Horses

Classic study of America’s mustangs describing their pivotal role in the history of the West, their return to the wild, and the ongoing efforts to preserve them; by Hope Ryden (The Lyons Press, 2005), 345 pages.

Bushmeat Brochure Cover Bushmeat Brochure

Description of the risks to wild terrestrial animal species such as great apes, elephants and antelopes from hunting and commercial trade in their meat.

Canapés to Extinction Cover Canapés to Extinction: The International Trade in Frogs' Legs and its Ecological Impact

First comprehensive study of the frog leg market, revealing an industry that is systematically devastating frog populations throughout the world; by Pro Wildlife, Defenders of Wildlife, and Animal Welfare Institute, 2011, 33 pages.

CITES and Climate Change: A Need for Integration Cover CITES and Climate Change: A Need for Integration

Report on how climate change should affect decision-making under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora; by the International Environmental Law Project, Animal Welfare Institute, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Defenders of Wildlife, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare 2012, 20 pages.

Cull Of The Wild Cover Cull Of The Wild: A Contemporary Analysis of Wildlife Trapping in the United States

Analysis of trapping activity, methods, research, and public policy in the United States; by Camilla Fox (Animal Protection Institute, 2004), 222 pages.

Endangered Species Handbook - Cover Endangered Species Handbook

An online version of AWI's Endangered Species Handbook (revised edition, 2005):


Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy - Cover How the United States Was Able to Dodge International Reforms Designed to Make Wildlife Trapping Less Cruel

Article in the Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy. Provides an overview of wildlife trapping regulations and the traps most commonly used in the United States and the United States' response to the European Union's trapping reform legislation. Discusses how this response creates an impediment to future trapping reforms domestically and suggests ways to overcome the resistance to further trapping reforms in the United States and internationally; by Tara Zuardo (2017), 22 pages.

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Indiana Coyote Penning—An Inside Look at Animal Abuse and Cruelty Cover Indiana Coyote Penning—An Inside Look at Animal Abuse and Cruelty

A report summarizing the results of an investigation into an Indiana “penning” facility, uncovering extreme animal suffering and providing strong evidence that wild coyotes have been illegally confined and killed by hunting dogs at the facility, 12 pages.

International Trade in Wildlife Brochure Cover International Trade in Wildlife Brochure

Examination of the harm from international trade in wildlife, the status of laws to regulate such trade, and what consumers can do to help.

Managing for Extinction Cover Managing for Extinction: Shortcomings of the Bureau of Land Management's National Wild Horse and Burro Program

Detailed account of the BLM’s failure to properly manage these symbols of the American West; (revised edition, 2011), 30 pages.

Monkeys Don't Wear Diapers Monkeys Don't Wear Diapers: Heartwarming and Heartbreaking Stories from a Monkey Sanctuary

In Monkeys Don’t Wear Diapers: Heartwarming and Heartbreaking Stories from a Monkey Sanctuary, Polly Schultz tells the stories of a special group of monkeys who have come to OPR Coastal Primate Sanctuary, which Polly founded and continues to direct. Some of the monkeys at OPR came from merely misinformed people who meant no harm, but had no idea how to care for a monkey. Others were horribly mistreated by abusive owners, who reacted with anger or abandonment when the bewildered animal failed to become a tame and docile pet. One was rescued from the smugglers who stole him from his wild family. Still others were brought in as...

Primates Are Not Pets Cover Primates Are Not Pets

Examines the suffering primates endure as a result of the pet trade and explains why these wild animals should not be kept as pets.

Trapped Animals Brochure Cover Trapped Animals Brochure

An overview of cruel traps and their impacts on animals.

Trapping Agony Cover Trapping Agony

The views of Charles Darwin on the cruelty of the steel-jaw leghold trap, reprinted from Defenders magazine, 1 page.

What Is the Real Price of a Fur Coat? Cover What Is the Real Price of a Fur Coat?

Outlines the inhumane process involved in obtaining wild furs, 4 pages.