Marine Life

Image Name/Description Price
Drowning in Sound Brochure Cover Drowning in Sound Brochure

Examination of the sources and impacts of human-generated ocean noise on the marine environment (French, Spanish, and German versions also available).

Marine Mammals Brochure Cover Marine Mammals Brochure

A look at the eight primary dangers faced by marine mammals as a result of human activities in the oceans.

Sea Turtles Brochure Cover Sea Turtles Brochure

Introduction to the various types of sea turtles, including their distribution and nesting habits, and a discussion of the threats they face and how we can help.

Sharks at Risk Brochure Cover (Photo by Dmitry Miroshnikov) Sharks at Risk Brochure

Overview of how overfishing and the fin trade is seriously depleting shark populations worldwide (Chinese version also available.)

Whales and Dolphins in Captivity Brochure Whales and Dolphins in Captivity Brochure

Examination of the captive dolphin industry and the harmful repercussions of “swim with dolphins” programs (French and Spanish versions also available).