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114th Congressional Directory - Cover 114th Congressional Directory

The Animal Welfare Institute's Congressional Directory for the 114th US Congress is now available. This small, color booklet provides information on how to contact every Member of Congress, as well as House and Senate committees and relevant government officials. It is a valuable and convenient tool to have when helping us contact Members of Congress on important animal protection measures.

During the 114th Congress, some of AWI’s legislative priorities will include ending horse slaughter, preserving native wild horses on public lands, eliminating unscrupulous animal dealers who sell cats and dogs to research, protecting marine...

A Bibliography for Members of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees A Bibliography for Members of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees

Online annotated bibliography of publications of interest to IACUC members and laboratory animal caregivers; includes publications on alternatives to animals in research, laws and regulations, training courses, and the psychological well-being of nonhuman primates.

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A Consumer's Guide to Food Labels and Animal Welfare - Pocket Guide Cover A Consumer's Guide to Food Labels and Animal Welfare - Pocket Guide

Concise guide to help consumers understand the animal welfare implications of food label claims and certifications applied to dairy, egg, and meat products. Includes information on the standards and reliability of some of the most common claims consumers see, including “free range,” “Certified Organic,” and more.

An easy-to-navigate online version is available here.
You may have the pocket guide sent to you by mail at no charge by clicking on “Add to cart” below and...

A Dangerous Life - Cover A Dangerous Life

A graphic novel, aimed at middle school-aged readers, about an American teen’s trip to Africa and her discovery of the terrible price elephants pay because of the global ivory trade; written and illustrated by Sheila Hamanaka (published by AWI and the Kenya Wildlife Service, 2014), 56 pages.

One copy free to teachers.

About Animal Welfare Institute Brochure - Cover About Animal Welfare Institute Brochure

Overview of AWI’s goals and programs to alleviate the suffering inflicted upon animals by humans.

Alternative Traps Cover Alternative Traps: The Role of Cage and Box Traps in Modern Trapping, The Role of Legsnares in Modern Trapping, and The Role of Spring Powered Killing Traps in Modern Trapping

Review of alternatives to steel-jaw leghold traps and their animal welfare implications; by Tom Garrett (revised edition, 1999), 51 pages.

America's Last Wild Horses Cover America's Last Wild Horses

Classic study of America’s mustangs describing their pivotal role in the history of the West, their return to the wild, and the ongoing efforts to preserve them; by Hope Ryden (The Lyons Press, 2005), 345 pages.

Animal Cruelty Crime Statistics Cover Animal Cruelty Crime Statistics: Findings from a Survey of State Uniform Crime Reporting Programs

First-time snapshot of whether and how states collect and report animal cruelty crime data to the FBI; by Lynn A. Addinton and Mary Lou Randour, 2012, 16 pages. One free copy to law enforcement personnel.

Animal Friendly Biology Education Poster: Study Them in Their Natural Habitats

Poster depicting an animal-friendly alternative in the classroom for biology education.

Animal Welfare Approved Consumer Brochure Cover Animal Welfare Approved Consumer Brochure

Consumer guide to the Animal Welfare Approved program, which promotes animal welfare, supports family famers, protects the environment, and serves conscientious consumers; includes resources for finding AWA products.

Animal Welfare Institute Legislative Brochure Animal Welfare Institute Legislative Brochure

Description and history of important legislative initiatives advanced by AWI, 24 pages.

Animal Welfare Institute: Information Report and AWI Quarterly Compilation Animal Welfare Institute: Information Report and AWI Quarterly Compilation

Two-volume set offering a unique compendium of the first 50 years of AWI’s work for animals; 1,800 pages.

To download PDFs from this compilation by year of publication, please go here.

Animals and Their Legal Rights - Cover Animals and Their Legal Rights

A reference of U.S. animal protection laws from 1641 to 1990, with appendices on important foreign laws, 1990, 4th edition, 441 pages.

This publication is no longer in print.

Animals, Nature and Albert Schweitzer Animals, Nature and Albert Schweitzer

Collection of Albert Schweitzer writings exploring the development of his philosophy of treating all living things with reverence; editing and commentary by Ann Cottrell Free (The Flying Fox Press, AWI Special Edition, 1988), 81 pages.

AWI Compassion Index

Online resource that offers updates on pending legislation and governmental actions affecting animal welfare, and provides a rating for each Member of Congress based on their animal welfare-related legislative decisions:

AWI Quarterly AWI Quarterly

Full-color magazine that explores current animal welfare issues, including treatment of animals in research, agriculture, commercial trade, at home, and in the wild; summarizes international meetings, laws and treaties affecting animals; alerts people to actions they can take to make a difference; and contains timely book reviews. One year subscription.

AWI: Commemorating 50 Years

As you will see in this commemorative issue, the Animal Welfare Institute has succeeded in reducing animal suffering in myriad ways, from widespread improvements in the care and treatment of experimental animals to achievement of a moratorium on commercial slaughter of whales.

This 16-page issue shows our five decades of accomplishments, and the monumental amount of new work for us to do. We at AWI are truly grateful for your concern and support, which will enable us to carry on with our important efforts on behalf of all animals.

Basic Guidelines for Operating an Equine Rescue or Retirement Facility Cover Basic Guidelines for Operating an Equine Rescue or Retirement Facility

Practical information on how to care for horses at a rescue or retirement facility; by Animal Welfare Institute and Humane Society of the U.S. (revised edition, 2011), 24 pages.

Bushmeat Brochure Cover Bushmeat Brochure

Description of the risks to wild terrestrial animal species such as great apes, elephants and antelopes from hunting and commercial trade in their meat.

Canapés to Extinction Cover Canapés to Extinction: The International Trade in Frogs’ Legs and its Ecological Impact

First comprehensive study of the frog leg market, revealing an industry that is systematically devastating frog populations throughout the world; by Pro Wildlife, Defenders of Wildlife, and Animal Welfare Institute, 2011, 33 pages.