Environmental Enrichment for Caged Macaques :
Photographic documentation and literature review

Viktor & Annie Reinhardt
Animal Welfare Institute, Washington, D.C.
Update May 2003

Environmental enrichment is the provision of stimuli
which promote the expression of species-appropriate
behavioral and mental activities
in an understimulating environment.


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Table of Contents

1) Individual Caging and its Problems (photos 1-11)
2) Animate Enrichment
2.1) Interaction with conspecifics
2.1.1) Group-housing (photos 12-14)
2.1.2) Pair-housing Adult/infant pairs (photos 15-26) Adult/adult pairs Pair formation of adults (photos 27-35) Newly introduced partners and pair compatibility (photos 36-44) Cage design for pair-housed macaques (photos 45-49) Effect of pair-housing and implications on husbandry and research (photos 50-62)
2.2) Interaction with humans
2.2.1) Positive versus negative human-nonhuman primate interactions (photos 63-72)
2.2.2) Training to cooperate during blood collection (photos 73-79)

3. Feeding Enrichment (photos 80-92)
4. Inanimate Enrichment (photos 93-108)

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* Photo scanned with permission of publisher/editor/photographer

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