Critically ill monkey who has just received electric shock from footplates. (Courtesy: International Primate protection League).



In Experiments on Animals

Dallas Pratt, M.D.


Argus Archives



Table of Contents | Acknowledgements


I  Introduction
II  Aspects of Pain
III  Behavior Experiments
IV  Cancer
V  Immunology
VI   Inhalation of Toxic Substances
VII  The Plight of the Nonhuman Primate
VIII  Radiation
IX  Surgical Experiments
X  Tetratogen Testing
XI Testing Biological Products
XII Toxicity Test Procedures for Chemical Substances
XIII Testing Specific Chemicals
XIV Therapies of Tomorrow

For the Two Mauds


I am much indebted to Christine Stevens, President of the Animal Welfare Institute, who allowed me to benefit from an extensive literature search on painful experimentation carried out by Jeff Diner in 1977-78. I am also grateful to Dr. Herbert Rackow for his suggestions concerning pain-relieving drugs.

At Argus Archives, Jean Stewart applied her many professional talents to research, proofreading and preparing the lengthy reference list. Eileen Ward typed the copy for the printer with exceptional care.

Chapter One:  Introduction