Free Publications for Laboratories

The Animal Welfare Institute is offering free copies of the following publications by request to scientific institutions, laboratories, and animal care personnel. View the Free Publications for Laboratories PDF for more information on these AWI publications.

To order your free Laboratory publications (Compassion Makes a Difference: Discussions by LAREF, Volume III, Caring Hands: Discussions by LAREF, Volume II, Comfortable Quarters for Laboratory Animals, Concentration Camps for Dogs, Environmental Enrichment and Refinement for Nonhuman Primates Kept in Research Laboratories, Magic of Touch, Making Lives Easier for Animals in Research Labs, Roots of Human Behavior, Safe Pair Housing of Macaques, Taking Better Care of Monkeys and Apes, The Case Against Random Source Dog and Cat Dealers, Variables, Refinement and Environmental Enrichment for Rodents and Rabbits kept in Research Institutions), please add the items to your cart by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button next to each publication. Once you have added all desired publications to your cart, continue to checkout. While at the checkout screen, scroll to the "Free Publications" window that is beneath the "Payment Method" window and enter the name of your institution in the box provided, then select "Click to calculate discounts." The cost of all eligible products will then be reduced to zero. The availability of a complimentary copy is subject to verification of eligibility. If you have any questions or problems checking out, please contact us.

Click here to view the available lab publications.