Enrichment and Refinement Databases

Resources on Laboratory Animals by Viktor Reinhardt and Annie Reinhardt

These databases were created in August 2000 and are updated frequently, They are freely accessible and disseminate information on all aspects of species-appropriate housing and species-appropriate handling of animals in research laboratories. One database deals with nonhuman primates, and the other with rodents, rabbits, cats, dogs, ferrets, farm animals, horses, birds, fishes, amphibians and reptiles.

The databases comprise published articles, abstracts, book chapters, books, slide sets, videotapes and web pages.

Of the approximately 5,800 entries more than 90% are annotated and 25% are accessible on-line. All of the entries are indexed by searchable keywords. New records are being entered every 2-3 months.

The databases have more than 300 primary keywords such as: abnormal behavior; ethical issues; feeding enrichment; guidelines, laws, regulations, standards; human interaction; inanimate enrichment ; social enrichment ; species-typical behavior; variables; etc.


Environmental Enrichment and Refinement of Husbandry for Nonhuman Primates

Refinement of Housing and Handling Conditions and Environmental Enrichment for Animals Kept in Laboratories