AWI Quarterly Fall 2005 - About the Cover

AWI Quarterly Fall 2005 Volume 54 Number 4 - About the Cover

"I dedicate this cover photograph of Atlantic spotted dolphins in the Bahamas, titled 'Family Portrait,' in celebration of Ben White's life and everything he did to protect dolphins, whales and other marine life. Ben touched so many souls from all walks (and swims) of life, and I had the good fortune of working with him on several campaigns. We've lost a great warrior, but his spirit lives on. Thanks for just being you, Ben." Jeff Pantukhoff, president and founder, The Whaleman Foundation.

The Animal Welfare Institute's Ben White, a courageous activist who put himself at risk for animals countless times, died of cancer in July 2005. We remember Ben and his work on behalf of all living things through his own account of a chance meeting with dolphins that changed the course of his life forever. For a copy of the full AWI Quarterly in PDF, click here.