Astrid Lindgren Establishes Foundation for Farm Animals

AWI Quarterly, Spring 1999, Vol. 48, No.2, p. 7

A wonderful new foundation with a delightful name – "Foundation for Better Animal Protection: My Cow Wants to Have Fun" – has been established by world-renowned author and animal activist, Astrid Lindgren.

The foundation strives to bring humans and animals together in a way that allows both to enjoy a full and rich life. Hoping to improve the daily existence of farm animals by educating people about their living conditions, the foundation teaches how everyone can prevent animal suffering. Also as part of its mission, the foundation will fund research that examines how animals are affected by human beings and the ways in which animal social structure influences conditions for an animal's well-being.

"It was difficult to say to a little piglet: Hello, how are you today, little production unit?" - Astrid Lindgren - Expressen, January 22, 1989

In 1988, Mrs. Lindgren was awarded AWI's Albert Schweitzer Medal for her magnificent achievement in obtaining the enactment of the Swedish Animal Protection Ordinance. Her commentaries and articles published in the Swedish newspaper Expressen (1985-1989) brought the horrible plight of factory-farmed animals to the attention of the Swedish public. Sweden now boasts the world's most comprehensive law against cruel factory farming practices, banning the sub-therapeuticuse of antibiotics, cramped housing conditions and electrical prods. The law requires animals be allowed to behave in ways natural to their species, having access to pasture and soft bedding while indoors. In addition, the law prevents those who have been found to have neglected or abused an animal from keeping animals again.

Mrs. Lindgren is also the author of many children's stories which are classic, not only in Swedish literature, but in translation throughout the world. Her beloved, colorful characters include Pippi Longstocking her horse named Horse, and monkey companion , Mr. Nilsson.

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