Your Senator Will Soon Vote on Keeping Horse Slaughter out of the United States!


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The Senate Appropriations voted in favor of the amendment to withhold inspection of horse slaughter plants—a move that would prevent these plants from operating in the United States. However, because the House voted against this amendment, the matter remains unresolved. AWI will fight to ensure that the final spending bill approved by both chambers will not allow horse slaughter to resume in the fiscal year starting in October.


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Dear Humanitarian,

On July 12, the House Appropriations Committee dealt a devastating blow to horses with the narrow defeat of an amendment to the US Department of Agriculture FY18 funding bill that would have continued to prevent horse slaughter plants from operating in the United States. On July 20, the Senate Appropriations Committee will consider its version of that funding bill and the same amendment to bar the USDA from inspecting horse slaughter plants will be offered. We are counting on the Senate committee to again vote to prevent the horse slaughter industry from resuming its inhumane practices in the United States.

What You Can Do:
Because one of your senators is a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, please ask him/her to vote in favor of the amendment that would prevent the reestablishment of this inhumane industry in the United States.

Thank you for taking action to on behalf of the animals by contacting your Senator.


Cathy Liss

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Date Posted: 
Monday, July 17, 2017