Ask Arlington County Board to Ban Wild and Exotic Animal Ownership

Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Photo from Flickr by Amaury Laporte

Update: Consideration of the exotic animal ordinance was removed from the schedule for the County Board meeting on June 18.  The public hearing to consider this proposal has been deferred until the September 19 board meeting.


Dear Humanitarian in Arlington,

Unlike most surrounding jurisdictions, Arlington County does not regulate the keeping of wild and exotic animals other than pigs and poisonous snakes. Recognizing that such ownership presents the risk of mistreatment of the animals and harm to the community, for the past several months the Arlington County Board has been working on an ordinance to ban the ownership of wild and exotic animals. Those who profit from the sale of these animals, as well as those who believe their interest in "unique" pets outweighs other concerns, have been working to convince the County Board to relax its proposal. Another board meeting on this topic is scheduled for June 17, and it is critical that the members hear from Arlingtonians in support of a strong ban on the private ownership of wild and exotic animals.

What You Can Do:
Please take a few minutes to send a message to County Board members urging them to adopt a ban on all private ownership of wild and exotic animals. You can send your message to each individual member via AWI's Compassion Index here.

Thank you for taking action on behalf of the animals. Please be sure to share this alert with friends, family, and coworkers in Arlington. (While we appreciate that others are interested in this matter, we don't encourage emails from outside Arlington.)


Nancy Blaney
Director, Government Affairs

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